Manzil Dua

Manzil Dua – منزل دعا

Reading Time: 10 minutes Dua e Manzil – منزل دعا (Ruqyah Shariah) in URDU and English Translation by Abdul Sudais which is a Cure & Protection from Black Magic, Jinn and download PDF

Matar Pulao Recipe - Canvas Expose

Matar Pulao Recipe

Reading Time: < 1 minute Well! Pakistani Cuisine can be rejoice as the tasty and aromatic matar pulao recipe by Humna Ahsan.

Non the less the pulao which is also said as ‘pilao’; recipe is often confused with the biryani recipe, however the nature of both the recipes are entirely different from each other.

Find the complete matar pulao Pakistani recipe on the menu card in English and Urdu (ingredients) language for absolutely free of cost.